5 reasons why you should insulate your home

CosyWall - 5 reasons why you should insulate your home

Insulation is important for any and every home. Before you think about heat pumps or solar heating, you’ll want to ensure your house is well insulated. If your house isn’t insulated efficiently, you could end up spending a ton of money trying to heat or cool your home.

Here are a few reasons why you should insulate the walls of your home.

1. It’ll keep your home warm in winter, and cool in summer

One of the best things about insulated walls is that it prevents heat transfer. The fact is, heat naturally moves toward the cold. So when winter comes around, the heat is stored within your house, and your insulation prevents it from transferring through the walls, and out in to the cold. In summer, your insulation will do the opposite. It’ll prevent the heat from outside getting into your house, leaving your home cool and comfortable during those hot summer days.

2. It helps you save money on energy costs

Homes that aren’t insulated lose about 35% of heat through their walls. Insulation can help you reduce that heat loss, meaning you won’t need to run your heating as much. This will reduce your energy consumption, lower your heating bills, and save you money! While the initial cost of installing insulation in your walls can be dear, the long-term benefits are worth it, and you’ll be able to recover the money by saving on your energy bills every year.

3. It reduces moisture and condensation in your home

Moisture and condensation in your home can have serious health risks. If left untreated, it can cause mould, rot and mildew within your walls. Insulating your walls with vapour resistant insulation reduces condensation that is caused when the moisture from daily activities, such as cooking, washing, and bathing gathers on the surface of your walls. It’s an effective way to avoid the harmful effects of moisture in your home.

4. It can reduce noise

If outside noises have been ticking you off, insulation can help. Soundproofing insulation in your walls can help reduce outdoor sounds. It’s particularly beneficial for those living in cities, or other high-traffic areas where noises tend to be a lot louder and more frequent. Soundproof insulation can also help reduce the transfer of sound between rooms within your home, reducing the amount of times you’re told to “keep the TV down!”.

5. It increases the value of your property

With its ability to protect your internal and external walls, insulation increases your home’s lifespan. It also improves your home’s energy performance, making it more appealing for potential buyers. Today’s home buyers are looking for properties that need as little work done as possible – including insulation. And having your home well insulated right from the beginning can increase your property’s value for when it comes time to sell.

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