How to choose the right insulation provider

If you’re looking to insulate your home, you’ll need to pick an insulation provider that ensures they complete the job to a high standard. Unfortunately, we frequently see insulation that has been inadequately installed, and are in major need of upgrading to comply with our current insulation standards. With winter on its’ way, it’s extra important to pick an insulation installer that will effectively insulate your home to keep you and your family warm and cosy this winter.

Here’s a few things to look out for when choosing an insulation installer.

1. Experience & expertise

Before you choose your insulation installer it’s important to know how long they have been in business, and approximately how many homes they have insulated. You’ll want to choose one that has proven experience insulating homes as it is more likely that they will do a good job, and be around long term if you have any questions or help in the future.

2. What’s their customer feedback?

Check out their reviews, customer feedback and any testimonials that may be on their website, Google, or on social media platforms such as Facebook. This can give you an idea on how popular they are, and how good their service is.

3. Check their insulation standards

Any insulation installation should adhere to the current insulation standards. This will ensure your home has thermal protection, and is compliant with health and safety standards of the installers and occupants of the home. Ask your insulation provider questions about what standards they work to and how they do so. This will give you peace of mind to ensure your home is being insulated at a high standard.

4. What’s their cost?

When it comes to insulation, the cheapest service does not mean it’s the best. Insulation is an investment, and it’s important you get good quality insulation that is long-lasting and installed at a high-level to ensure you won’t have any issues later down the track.

You can talk to your provider to see if they have any options available to avoid upfront insulation costs, and if they are aware of any other funding/subsidies that may be applicable to you.

Choosing an insulation provider is serious business, and we know all about the struggles of finding one that fits your needs, and budget.

At CosyWall Insulation, we focus on quality and service. We provide our clients with high quality insulation that ensures they live in warmer, cosier, and healthier living environment.

If you need to insulate your home before winter rolls around – get in touch!