Wall Insulation Moisture

CosyWall Insulation Moisture Performance

Wall Insulation Moisture


External Wall Insulation Moisture (NZBC E2)

CosyWall insulation controls wall insulation moisture and complies with clause E2 via an Alternative Solution, utilising similar methodology of Acceptable solution E2/AS1, clause 3 site assessment Weather tightness Risk Factors.(A1-1)

CosyWall insulation is installed dry, does not transfer water via wicking and, if soaked, dries within 30 days.(A1-2)

The system does not affect existing building compliance with clauses E2.3.2, E2.3.5, as any cladding damage is re-instated. CosyWall™ reduces possibility of water entering cavities and diminishes cavity condensation risk. (A1-3)

Internal Wall Insulation Moisture (NZBC E3)

Compliance with NZ Building Code (NZBC) clauses E3.2 (a) & (c ) is not required for an altered existing building, but is achieved with CosyWall™ via E3/AS1 clause 1.1.1(a). The minimum Total R-values of R1.5 stipulated in E3/AS1, are exceeded with wall cavities >65mm with sheet or other claddings of higher R-value.

Health Effects

CosyWall™ complies with NZBC section F2.3.1, as non-hazardous materials. It is low bio-persistent, formaldehyde free mineral wool, which is odourless and does not provide food for vermin. The product does not represent a health risk to installers or occupiers of insulated buildings. Face masks and overalls should however be worn when working with all insulation or dusty drywall materials.

The full product data sheet can be downloaded here