Wall Insulation Durability

Wall Insulation Durability Effect on existing Structure

Cavity Wall Insulation

Mr Cosy wall insulation durability

The structural performance of the framing, claddings & internal linings is not reduced by Wall Insulation durability. Structural timber framing is not altered and there is no introduced or accumulated moisture to cause damage. (A1-3) The size & spacing of any holes through sheet bracing have minimal structural effect. (A1-4) CosyWall™ does not promote corrosion on metal building components.

Cosy Wall Insulation Durability

CosyWall™ will satisfy the requirements of NZBC clause 2.3.1(a) & B2/AS1 Table 1 of 50 years durability in lined wall cavities, as the only materials are water repellent glasswool and polyester resin cladding repair filler. Both are industry recognised as achieving 50year durability. Vibration tests showed no settlement or shrinkage in wall cavities.

Durability of the existing structure is not reduced, as CosyWall™ EWCIS is dry applied, water repellent, non-wicking and vapour permeable. Should future leaks occur, CosyWall™ does not extend framing timber drying time sufficient to increase framing timber decay. (A1-2)

Wall Insulation Durability for Fire Properties & Electrical Wiring

CosyWall™ is non-combustible, and meets compliance with C6.1, as it needs no additional treatment to prevent the spread of flame. Fire development via the “flue effect” is inhibited inside wall cavities lined with building paper or without horizontal blocking.

Clauses C2.3, C3, compliance aren’t affected, as fire rated walls and cavities with heating equipment are avoided.

Clauses G 9.3.1, G9.3.2 compliance aren’t affected, as CosyWall does not deteriorate TPS wiring, all rubber insulated wiring is avoided and other wires do not overheat within CosyWall at legal current loads. (A1-5)

Download the CosyWall Insulation data sheet here