Acoustic Insulation Effectiveness

CosyWall Acoustic Insulation Effectiveness

Wall Insulation

Would you like your house to be warmer, drier and quieter? Then CosyWall Acoustic Insulation could be the answer.

As well as the well known benefits of reducing heat loss and providing a more comfortable environment; a relatively unknown benefit is an improvement in the acoustic properties of insulated walls – both exterior and interior.

When insulation is added the Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating of your walls will improve. CosyWall Insulation is estimated to improve the STC rating of a 90mm timber framed wall with Gib board either side from an STC of 34 to 39.

What does this mean? STC ratings measure how much sound reduction a product provides. The higher the STC rating, the better.

How significant is this? An STC of 34 means that loud speech can be easily heard, while an STC of 39 reduces loud speech to an undecipherable murmur. Reductions of up to 8dB are possible in some situations.

Your neighbour’s early morning DIY projects and the sound of the too loud TV in the kids’ room will no longer be a problem.

Rain on a tin roof? Loud footsteps overhead? Help is at hand with CosyWall Insulation.

Whether you are building a new house or are looking at retro-fitting an existing house we can provide a non-intrusive solution that will add value to you house and give all your family members the privacy they deserve.

CosyWall Insulation provides acoustic insulation effectiveness and sound absorption in wall cavities. Sound transmission is estimated to improve from ~STC 36 to ~STC 39 in most 90mm framed walls.


Can only be undertaken Licensed Installers, following the pre assessment, insulation installation and cladding/lining reinstatement procedures detailed in the CosyWall Insulation manuals. Our engineered blow-in insulation solutions will instantly increase the acoustic performance of your internal walls and remove unwanted noise from travelling between rooms. You will benefit immediately with your home being much more peaceful. Privacy will be maintained and you’ll be all smiles. The process of installing insulation is also non-intrusive and will add value to your home by upgrading to modern standards.

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