Wall Insulation heat loss can be reduced by up to 35%

Wall Insulation Heat Loss

Blowing insulation in walls using Cosy Wall Insulation heat loss.

CosyWall is a cavity wall insulation (CWI) product that reduces wall insulation heat loss and that’s quick, simple and mess free to install. Cavity wall insulation is one of the most effective energy saving measures most people can carry out on their homes. Apart from saving money on your monthly energy bill, you’ll also be helping reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

External walls account for up to 35% of heat less from the average house. With an uninsulated cavity, heat can easily escape meaning it requires more energy to maintain a comfortable temperature.

A wall cavity filled with insulation can help reduces this heat loss, making the house warmer and reduce or in some cases remove the need to use heaters and fireplaces to heat your premises.

There is no reason why you can’t benefit from a warmer & cheaper to heat home! Contact a CosyWall Installer today to find out how – here.