CosyWall Product Description



CosyWall insulation (CWI) is a full external wall insulation system (EWCIS) for providing thermal and acoustical insulation to wall cavities lined on both sides. The system includes an assessment of building suitability, licensed installation of water-repellent glasswool insulation and durable external cladding repair.
The insulation is manufactured in selected North American plants by melting and spinning a blend of inert, natural minerals. It is a ‘no added’ formaldehyde, durable dry-blown insulation system that’s non-combustible, water repellent, and has a trouble free New Zealand history since 2002. The system was initially marketed as Qmulus BIB, but the name was changed in 2012, once improved CWI™ material became available. CosyWall is compression packed in plastic bags.


Wall Insulation is designed to provide effective thermal and acoustical insulation for:

1) Existing water tight external timber framed wall cavities constructed before 1990, with suitably fixed internal linings (pre-1984) and external weatherboard, fibre cement, plywood or sealed masonry veneer claddings with or without building paper, installed via internal or external linings or

2) New construction prior to internal lining – using internal netting, or

3) Any internal wall cavity requiring acoustical insulation.
It is unsuitable for wall cavities with poorly fixed linings.
It is recommended that unsealed masonry veneer is sealed (although not necessary).

 download the CosyWall product data sheet for more information