CosyWall Insulation Building Code Compliance

Wall Insulation Building Code Compliance

The Wall Insulation designated “Design”, “Construction” or “Construction without Building Consent” statement covers the use of CosyWall insulation material to meet or exceed NZ Building Code sections B2, E2, E3, F2, H1 requirements when used in buildings at any geographical location in accordance with this document AND

Alteration to specific buildings via installation of the total Wall insulation system do not alter NZBC existing building compliance relating to clauses B1, B2, C1-C6, E2, G9, H1.

Compliance with these clauses is via a mix of Acceptable and Alternative solutions, as detailed, with evidence supporting the claims available as Appendix 1 (A1), if required.

An E2/AS1w clause 3 Risk Assessment (A1-1) is undertaken for each site prior to consent application. CosyWall should be BCA consent exempted on low risk buildings/sites under section 1, clause 2. BCA or self-certification consent is required on higher risk work, and extreme risk buildings are excluded. Upon work completion licensed installers must provide site records to the BCA and state the installed thickness & bags used (weight) on a guarantee card left onsite.

Test & Document review

CodeMark Certificate of Conformity, SupaFil Cavity Insulation GM-CM30067-RevA

Knauf Material Safety Data Sheet for Glass Blowing Mineral Wool, 2014-02-06, KI_DP_109,GB-EN/2,3

BBA Appraisal Certificate 08/4562

Group Energy Consultants reports 0212-01c, 0912-01a, 0912-01b, 0912-02, 1012-02, 1012-01F, BV0214,

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