How is blowing insulation in walls done?

Blown Wall Insulation

Blowing insulation in walls using Cosy Wall Insulation heat loss.

As much as 35% of your homes heat can be lost through the walls. Therefore, blowing insulation in walls represents one of the best ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home and save money.

In most New Zealand houses there is a gap between your interior walls and external cladding. This gap or cavity can be filled by blowing insulation in walls with insulating material to stop the heat conducting through the walls to the outside air. In short, this can save a lot of energy and money.

Cavity wall insulation (cwi) is installed by professionals usually from the outside by drilling small holes in the wall and injecting loose insulating particles which settle to fill the cavity in your wall. Once complete, the drilled holes are filled again with minimal change to the aesthetics of the wall. A three-bedroom, semi detached home can be insulated in less than three hours by a trained installer. It’s quick, clean and doesn’t affect the structure or look of your house. The performance of CosyWall meets the New Zealand Building Code and has a long history in use in New Zealand homes. CosyWall Insulation can be installed internally or externally and is suitable for use with most cladding types. Our licensed installers undertake specialised training for building assessment and installation.

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