CosyWall – The Cavity Wall Insulation Experts

CosyWall is a cavity wall insulation system designed to deliver excellent INSTALLED performance, rather than just stating misleading ‘bale’ R-values. CosyWall is manufactured by one of the worlds best insulation material manufacturers. The product is tested to ensure the material’s suitability for local conditions and this material, combined with the CosyWall installation system is CodeMark certified and NZ Building Code compliant.

CosyWall was a pioneering external wall cavity insulation system (EWCIS) in New Zealand and the first to use water repellent insulation made from specialist glasswool. CosyWall is installed dry (not a wet spray insulation foam) and retrofitted to older homes via a series of small holes. The installation takes place via the internal linings or external cladding. This eliminates the need to remove wall linings or the cladding to insulate walls.

CosyWall makes a huge difference to your home comfort because walls are the 2nd most important area to insulate (after the ceiling), with up to 35% of heat lost through the walls.

Why Cavity Wall Insulation – The Convection Cycle

Warm air rises, then cools when it makes contact with cold surfaces, such as un-insulated walls, ceilings and windows. Once cold, the air sinks to the floor and gets tracked back to the heating source. Then up it goes again as hot air and on goes the convection current cycle, all within your home, making your home cold, damp and drafty. Even with everything shut. Home owners feel the cold and drafts mostly on the floor, but don’t be fooled, underfloor insulation will not solve cold and drafty floors. It will take the chill off the floor for feet, but it is important to realise that the priority when insulating your home from cold in winter and hot in summer, is to work from the top down. Start with the ceiling, external walls, good thermal drapes (or retrofit double glazing) followed last of all by underfloor insulation. It’s really that simple!

CosyWall has a nationwide network of licensed installers who can provide a free quote for even the most remote regions around New Zealand. And CosyWall’s parent company is a member of IAONZ (Insulation Association of New Zealand) and is a current representative on the board.

Please visit our ‘FREE QUOTE’ page and provide some basic contact details and one of our distributors will be in touch within 24 hours.