We’re giving away a CosyWall Insulation Package worth $5000!

CosyWall Insulation Package Giveaway

We’re only a couple months away from Winter, so it’s time to prepare ourselves and our homes for the colder weather. More than 75% of New Zealand homes have insufficient insulation, which can cause uncomfortable living conditions, and serious health risks.

We want to help change that. That’s why, this winter, we want to do all we can to help a family who is in need of insulation.

A poorly insulated home can take a toll on not only your property, but you and your family’s health. Dampness, condensation and moisture caused from bad insulation can result in serious health issues for your family.

So this month, we’re looking to provide free quality insulation services (upto the value of $5,000) to a family who needs it most! We’re looking for families that are home owners, and are currently living in a home that has poor or no insulation.

CosyWall Insulation can help reduce a home’s heat loss by up to 35%, allowing families to live in warmer living spaces, and save on energy bills.

We want to make a difference to a special family’s life – offering them a healthier, and ‘cosier’ living environment.

If you or a family you know are in serious need of quality insulation – we want to know! Fill out our entry form to tell us why you or they should receive our CosyWall Insulation Package.

A lucky winner will be drawn at the end of April, and we’ll start our insulation project in May to ensure the home is ready just in time for Winter!