When is the best time to insulate your home?

CosyWall - When is it the best time to insulate your home?

If you’ve been thinking about insulating your home, you’re probably wondering when the best time is to do so. Of course, you can insulate your home any time of the year, however there are certain pros and cons of insulating your home in summer, as well as in winter.

We’ll take you through both seasons to help you plan your insulation needs.

Insulating your home in summer

Many people believe insulation is mainly for keeping houses warm in winter. While that is true, it also has major benefits for homes in the summer. Think of insulation like a thermos – it’ll keep your home warm in the winter, and cool in the summer. Insulation in key areas like your walls and roof will reduce the heat gain that is transferred from the sun to your home in summer. So if you’re living in an area where the climate can get fairly hot, and your home tends to get unbearably hot, you’ll want your home insulated before summer rolls around.

Insulating your home in winter

Winter on the other hand, is generally the busiest time for insulation. Homes with poor insulation can get damp and cold, causing homeowners to use more energy for heating. We all tend to spend more on heating bills during the winter, but insulating before, or during winter can help you reduce your costs. It’ll help keep the cold out and the warm air inside. So if your home gets extremely cold in winter, forcing you to bump your heaters to the highest temperature – insulating before winter is a must.

Consider insulation when renovating

Generally, the easiest time to insulate is if you’re planning to get work done on your home. If you’ve been wanting to remodel a room, make changes to your plumbing, or are renovating in any way, now is the best time to review your insulation needs. You can get a professional in who can quickly determine if your home needs more or better insulation.

You’ll be able to insulate your home any time of the year, but the right time really depends on you. Consider the climate of where you’re living. If you’re living in a warmer climate, you’ll want to insulate just before summer rolls around. However if you’re in a colder climate, insulating just before winter is best.

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