5 tips for renovating in winter

Renovating this winter? It’s not always an easy feat with chilly and unpredictable weather, however, sometimes it just has to be done! While it may be the most difficult time of the year to undergo a renovation project, there are a few ways to make your winter renovation more manageable.

Here’s 5 tips to make your renovations go a little smoother this winter.

Plan, plan, plan!

Planning for renovation in any season is essential, however, it’s doubly important in winter. Cold and nasty weather can complicate some of the processes of your renovation – deliveries, demolitions, and other external repairs. It’s important to plan for all of this ahead of time by buying and receiving deliveries of bigger equipment and products earlier, before the worst of winter hits.

Prepare for any delays

The likelihood of any renovation delays increases during winter due to the weather and lack of daylight hours that can slow down progress. This is why it’s important to prepare for any delays you may experience during your renovation and ensure your start and completion dates of the project are flexible enough to take into account any unforeseen circumstances that may affect when the work will be finished.

Protect your home from nasty weather

With rain and windy weather forecasted during your renovation, you’ll need to ensure your home is protected once your tradies leave for the night. Things like plastic sheets, and boards can help cover holes, and block out the wind and rain to protect your home from any damage during your project.

Keep your winter renovation projects to a minimum

Winter weather can be unpredictable, so you don’t want to take on more than you can handle. Keep to one or two small projects at a time to ensure it gets done and is finished correctly. Any other major renovation projects you want to undergo can wait till winter’s over.

Hire professionals

When renovating in winter, it’s crucial to hire trustworthy professionals to help you do the job. Trying to save costs by using the cheapest freelance builder can cost you more in the long run. Someone who has no experience renovating in winter can ruin important aspects of your renovation.

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