5 places your home loses the most heat

To tackle the cold this upcoming winter, it’s important to understand where your home loses the most heat. Knowing where you’re losing heat will help you figure out the measures you need to take to ensure your home contains its warmth this winter.

Here are 5 places your house loses the most heat.

The roof

Warm air within your home escapes through the roof as heated air distributes throughout the house, and eventually rises up toward the roof. Once it comes in contact with the cold roof, heat slowly dissipates through the process of convection. Insulating your roof is an effective way to prevent the heat from escaping, and helping with energy efficiency in your home.  


There’s nothing like a cosy fireplace running on a cold night. However, fireplaces can also be a major source of heat loss. If your damper isn’t sealed properly, your fireplace can cause up to 14% of heat loss through your chimney. While you may feel warm when the fireplace is running, once it’s off, the warm air escapes up through the chimney. So you’ll want to ensure your fireplace is sealed efficiently before winter rolls around!


Windows are another common source of heat loss. If you’ve got bare windows without proper curtains, this can increase the amount of heat loss. To combat that loss of heat, it’s a good idea to invest in thermal curtains which can reduce heat loss from a warm room by up to 10%. Sealing any cracks or holes around your windows with caulk will also help contain warmth in your home, and reduce your energy bills.

The floor

If your floor isn’t insulated properly, a substantial amount of heat can leak through. In fact, 10% of your home’s heat is lost through the floor, and homes without sufficiently insulated floors can lose more than that. A simple fix of floor insulation, and even the addition of rugs and carpets to your floors can help reduce the amount of heat loss.


Uninsulated walls are one of the biggest causes of heat loss. Your home loses about 18-25% of its heat through its walls. This is through poor insulation, holes in the interior or exterior walls, or vents that have been attached improperly. Adding quality insulation, and caulking any holes are a great way to avoid heat loss through your walls.

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