CosyWall Insulation (CWI) is an external wall cavity insulation system (EWCIS) designed to insulate the walls of older homes. It provides thermal and acoustical insulation to existing wall cavities and is installed without the cost and hassle of removing the internal linings. Installation is done via small holes through the external cladding, or from inside via holes in the internal linings. The result is high installed R-values and a warm cosy home. CosyWall insulation has been successfully growing since 2002 based on three core principles;

- Using a Great Product.
- Developing Proven Methods.
- Ongoing Training and Auditing.

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existing wall insulation

  • Cavity wall insulation saves money and our nations limited energy resources.
  • CosyWall is non-combustible
  • External wall insulation can make your home warmer, drier, healthier
  • High installed R-values in comparison to other exterior wall insulation.
  • CosyWall is NZBC compliant and CodeMark certified
  • CosyWall is safe and has no added formaldehyde
  • CosyWall is a dry fibre existing wall insulation system that utilises water repellent glasswool insulation
  • CosyWall will not shrink or settle over time
  • Available nationwide through our specialist retrofit wall insulation resellers
  • Proven New Zealand history of use.
  • Fills up the gaps that are often left by a blanket or segments.

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